Training Classes

    This healthcare training program is for beginners with no previous medical training and students who have previously received AHA or ASHI CPR and AED certification.
    This healthcare training program is for beginners and students who have previously received first aid certification. The course teaches students how to respond and care…
    This course is an explanation of what bloodborne pathogens are and how risks of exposure can be reduced. The medical training is for beginners and previously certified students…
  • Baby Sitter Safety and CPR
    This course is designed for young teenagers looking to getting a leg up on the competition by being CPR certified for infants and toddlers. This not only teaches CPR, but a general first-aid course for all types of injuries and illnesses should they occur. This course also teaches safety tips such as doing a walk thru of the house when they arrive, and having a job sheet for each child with important medical information about the kids they're sitting for to give responders should an emergency be called. We also talk about the business side of baby-sitting.
  • Emergency Oxygen
    The Emergency Oxygen administration program is a critical step in treating a severe or life-threatening illness or injury. Serious and life-threatening medical emergencies often cause oxygen to…
  • Active Shooter
    This course is designed to equip you on what to do in the event of an active shooter situation occurring at your business, school, church or public place. We will study the behavioral characteristics of an Active Shooter, and best practices in the event you encounter such an event. We cover the run, hide, fight rule, learn how to triage, and stop major bleeds. We will also help your organization plan for such an event and implement policies that work best for your organization. This course is taught by Law Enforcement personnel with a military background for civilians.
  • Medi-Cop
    This course is a practical medical training program built for police and armed security guards focused on common medical emergencies and tactical field care of traumatic injuries. The class is taught to all basic training recruits at the Memphis Police Department Training Academy, but is also taught to outside agencies. The class is approved through Tennessee POST for 16 hours of CEU's.
  • Civ-Med
    This course is a civilian variant of Medi-Cop, designed for teachers, staff, security, or any citizen wishing to learn how to manage medical or trauma emergencies. Civ-Med is geared to the growing need for civilians to be trained to respond appropriately to not just active shooters, but any emergency that presents itself where immediate medical care is needed to save lives. Civ-Med can be tailored to your organizations needs, but is at a minimum a one day course.
  • Stop The Bleed
    This course is focused on stopping critical bleeds by use of packing wounds, dressings, the use of tourniquet’s, and triage.
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